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Middle School Sports

Our Philosophy

Middle School Sports are an integral part of student life in Blazer Country. Over 80% of our 5th thru 8th grade students participate in our athletic programs. Of that group of athletes over 60% play on more than one of our teams. That level of participation is important to us because we believe that athletics is an excellent opportunity to help our students grow in virtue. The life lessons that can be taught through a competitive environment are invaluable in the growth of adolescents. Our objective is not only to develop their athletic skill but to use athletics as an integral part of their development as a person.

Our League

For most of our Middle School Sports we participate in the the Dallas Parochial League. This league, sponsored by the Disocese of Dallas, consists of teams from the various parochial shools in that diocese. The size of this league enables the establishment of divisions that truly create a competitive environment for our athletes regardles of their skill level. Due to the offerings of the DPL, two of our sports (soccer and tennis) compete against an independent schedule consisting mostly of teams that are attached to Christian schools in the Dallas Area. 

Our Coaches

The DPL requires that all of our Middle School coaches are strictly volunteers. Typically these coaches come from the ranks of our parents who have experience coaching the respective sports. Where possible they work in conjunction with our HS coaches to ensure consistency across all levels of our athletic programs. 

Our Teams

Our teams are formed each year based on the number of athletes participating in a given sport. Our first objective in forming teams is maximizing participation. Our second priority we consider in forming teams is the development of our atheletes. In some cases this means that we will combine athletes from multiple grade levels to ensure we get as many kids playing as possible.