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We are excited to announce that recently our league launched a new software program to automate player registration, game and practice scheduling as well as communications! 

High School Students and Parents,

I wanted to let everyone know that High School Sports Registration is up and running on Rank One for Winter 2020-2021 Here are the sports we are offering with the commitment date and final deadline: 


                                                           Commitment Date 11/04/20)        Final Deadline (11/11/20) 

High School Boys Basketball                  $185                                                  $205 

High School Girls Basketball                   $185                                                  $205

High School Boys Soccer                          $175                                                $195

High School Girls Soccer                          $175                                                 $195





Instructions for registration can be found by clicking on the link below. 


Just click on the button below and it will link you to our registration page hosted by Rank One.